Waterfall Studio is located near Pilot Mountain State Park in North Carolina.  I began producing pottery with the Pilot Mountain motif in 1986.    It has become a very collectible to the area residents and vacationers.  

As Andy Griffith fans come to visit Mayberry and eat a pork chop sandwich from Snappy Lunch (Mt. Airy, NC), Pilot Mountain pottery allows visitors to take home a keepsake of what "Mt. Pilot" looks like.  

I have lived in the shadow of the mountain all my life.  The design begins with a layer of blue slip applied to the leatherhard stoneware pottery.  Using a decorating method called "sgragitto", each piece of pottery is individually handcarved by scratching through the blue slip creating a Pilot Mountain landscape design.  The scenes usually depict tobacco barns, fields, trees, or dogwood flowers with Pilot Mountain in the distance.